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TAG Heuer – Avant-Garde Swiss Watches

Edouard Heuer founded the Heuer Watch Company in 1860 in the Swiss city of St. Imier, which later became TAG Heuer in 1985 after TAG (Technique Avant Garde) purchased the company. Now part of the LVMH group, TAG Heuer is one of the largest and most popular luxury watch companies today, famously known for their sports watches and chronographs. 

TAG Heuer Innovations and Inventions

Earning its avant-garde status, TAG Heuer has been behind some of the watch industries most important innovations and inventions. To simply the construction of the chronograph movement, Edouard Heuer invented the oscillating pinion in 1887, a mechanism that is widely used today across most Swiss watchmaking companies. In 1911, Heuer patented the first dashboard chronograph for automobiles and aircrafts dubbed the Time of Trip, and five years later he launched the Micrograph, the first stopwatch accurate to 1/100 of a second. In 1962, Heuer became the first watch in space when John Glenn wore a one during the first US manned space flight to orbit the earth. 

TAG Heuer and Motorsports

TAG Heuer has had a long relationship with the world of automobile racing including producing dashboard clocks, official stopwatches and timing equipment. TAG Heuer chronographs soon became the quintessential watches for the racecar drivers to wear too. In 1969, Heuer unveiled the first automatic chronograph caliber — the famous Caliber 11. Following that, the first three automatic chronographs launched by Heuer were the Autavia , Carrera , and Monaco  equipped with Caliber 11, as well as Caliber 12, Caliber 14, and Caliber 15. The Carrera, designed by Jack Heuer in 1963 and undoubtedly the company’s most famous chronograph collection, was a watch created for racecar drivers and named after the dangerous Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico. Steve McQueen wore a Heuer Monaco in his 1971 movie, Le Mans, propelling the square shaped Monaco chronograph into stardom. TAG Heuer enjoyed a 30-year partnership with the F1 McLaren team, inspiring the TAG Heuer Formula 1  collection, and in 2016, TAG Heuer announced its sponsorship of the Red Bull Formula One racing team. 

Buying Pre-Owned TAG Heuer Watches

Today, the TAG Heuer collection of watches for men and women 7include the Carrera, Monaco, Formula 1, Aquaracer, Link and Grand Carrera lines, each with their own distinct designs and functions. Throughout its 150-year history, TAG Heuer has focused on breakthrough innovations to create their popular collections of Swiss luxury watches for both men and women. In the secondary market, used TAG Heuer Carrera chronographs, pre-owned TAG Heuer Monaco chronos, secondhand TAG Heuer  Formula 1 sport watches, and previous-owned TAG Heuer Aquaracer diving watches can be found at attractive prices.

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