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Piaget Watches – the Standard for Creativity

Known for their jewelry and Swiss luxury watches, Piaget was established by Georges Édouard Piaget in 1874 in La Côte-aux-Fées, Switzerland.

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Setting down Roots

The company’s watchmaking history began in a workshop on the family’s farm, where Georges Piaget worked on pocket watches and high-precision clock for other brands; he quickly built a reputation for unparalleled expertise. He was succeeded by his son who showed the same aptitude and passion for the family business.

It was only when Piaget’s grandsons registered the Piaget brand in 1943 that the company officially began to turn out its own signed creations. As they took the Piaget name into international markets, the brand cemented its reputation for technical and aesthetic perfection.

Piaget Movements

With their pioneering spirit well established, Piaget looked to innovate in the universe of movements; along with movements to suit their chosen complications, this led to the development of ultra-thin movements, a creation that would go on to be a “signature” Piaget characteristic.

1957 saw their first ultra-thin manually wound movement, the 2mm calibre 9P, followed by the thinnest automatic movement, the 2.3mm calibre 12P, in 1960 for which they set the world record. These two developments, which have since been improved upon, set the stage for Piaget to explore a new world of creative ideas; the resulting case shapes, ultra-thin profiles, etc. changed the way the world approached watchmaking.Today, the brand is revered as one of the few that has a completely in-house process for the design, development and manufacture of its movements.

Boldly going where none have Gone Before

Between their innovative movements, reinterpretations of classic complications, approach to technical achievements to acquire aesthetic perfection, and bold use of new materials in their watches, Piaget has reached unassailable heights in the art of watchmaking and sets the standard for the horological world to follow.

Catering to those who are looking to turn heads with something truly unique, Piaget offers eight collections: the Black Tie, Altiplano, Piaget Polo, Dancer and Traditional, Limelight, Possession, Secrets and Lights watches, along with the Exceptional Pieces collection.

Pre-Owned Piaget Watches

Whether never worn, rarely used or well used, you’ll never go wrong with a pre-owned Piaget as an addition to your watch collection or your foray into the world of luxury watches. Explore the estate watch market for this ideal accessory for all occasions!

Piaget Collections