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Complete Your Wardrobe with a Luxury Ladies Watch

A luxury ladies watch is a must-own accessory for every woman. Not only does it serve the practical purpose of allowing her to keep track of the time but also it provides a stylish accent to complement her outfit. Luxury brands  such as Rolex , Bvlgari , Cartier  and Breitling have perfected the art of creating ladies watches that are timelessly stylish and eternally desirable.

Luxury Women's Watches for Every Style

Women's watches come in all shapes and sizes with designs to match every personality and style. Classic feminine wristwatches often have a more discreet design that is suitable for everyday wear or with smart business attire. For those who lean towards more sporty or masculine styling, a watch with a large or unusually shaped face or contemporary ceramic watch may fit the bill. Whether you are shopping for your first luxury ladies watch or looking for a piece to add to your watch collection, there really is something for everyone. Choose from lavish rose gold and yellow gold timepieces, sleek stainless steel watches, watches with leather straps, mother of pearl set watches and much more. 

How Much Do Ladies Luxury Watches Cost? 

There are a vast array of ladies brand-name watches on the market with both new, pre-owned and vintage pieces from Jaeger-LeCoultre, Breitling, Omega and more. The prices of luxury watches  vary immensely depending on the brand and materials used to make the watch. Diamond watches with gold and platinum are breathtaking and have a price to match their spectacular appearance. Some of the most expensive watches in the world include Audemars Piguet  and Patek Philippe  diamond watches, which can be priced in excess of 80,000 euros (approximately 95,000 US dollars). Meanwhile, for those on a more restricted budget, affordable high-end watches can be found for starting at little more than 1,000 euros (1,200 US dollars).

 Women Watches Brand Women Watches Model 
Prices starting from €/US$) 

 TAG Heuer  Aquaracer 1,200€ / 1,420$ 
 TAG Heuer   Formula 1 1,300€ / 1,540$ 
 OMEGA  De Ville  1,500€/1,775$
 OMEGA  Seamaster Professional  1,540€/1,820$
 TAG Heuer   Monaco  1,600€/1,890$
 OMEGA  Constellation  1,660€/1,965$
 Breitling  Colt Lady  2,360€/2,790$
 Breitling Galactic 36  2,940€/2,480$
 Cartier   Tank Francaise   3,600€/4,260$
 Cartier   Tank Americaine  3,850€/4,555$
 Cartier   Tank Anglaise  4,650€/5,500$
 Rolex  Datejust 31
 Rolex Lady Datejust  5,020€/5,907$
 Patek Philippe Calatrava  24,100€/28,500$
 Rolex  Pearlmaster   27,500€/32,530$
 Patek Philippe   Nautilus  27,700€/32,765$
 Patek Philippe  Complications  45,000€/53,230$

Finding the women's watch of your dreams at a price to suit your pocket may take some time, but there are plenty of options out there. The cheapest women's luxury watches are often pre-owned, which allows you to make a saving without compromising on quality. Even new luxury brand watches can be affordable, depending on the model you choose.

Iconic Watches from Top Luxury Brands

Over 100 Years of Iconic Style with the Carter Tank 

The first Cartier Tank was designed in 1917 by Louis Cartier. The clean lines and rectangular shape of the watch was inspired by tanks used during the First World War. Cartier gave the prototype to the American military leader General John Pershing to thank him for his work in aiding to liberate France. Since then the Cartier Tank has become an iconic style with unisex appeal and the range has been developed to include an array of different lines.

The Tank Louis Cartier watch is closest to the original model and has a sophisticated Art Deco feel. Available in yellow gold, pink gold and white gold, most Louis Cartier styles have a hand wound movement. The Tank Americaine watch was launched in 1989 and has longer, more curved case to fit elegantly on the wrist. The Tank Francaise watch has a sportier feel with a streamlined sharp-edge case, while the Tank Anglaise was introduced in 2012 and has chic, modern look. 

The Unique Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso has an interesting backstory. It is said to have been designed in 1931 when a polo player challenged Cesar De Trey to find someone who could make a timepiece that was durable enough to be worn during sport. De Trey went to Jacques-David LeCoultre, who came up with the unique reversible watch face. The Reverso watch quickly became a hit and over the years, many new models have been introduced with variations including single and double-faced options and diamond-set pieces. 

The Rolex Datejust Lady - A Trendsetter Turned Classic

The story of the Rolex Datejust Lady  began in 1945 when Rolex celebrated their 40th anniversary with the introduction of the Rolex Datejust. The model was the first self-winding watch to have the date set into the clock-face and became the choice of successful men around the world. The classic design was also popular with women, so in 1957, the brand launched a more feminine model – the Rolex Datejust Lady. It retains the iconic features of the original watch within a sleeker and more elegant design.

Women's Wristwatches are Great Gifts 

A luxury wristwatch such as a Rolex Datejust or Omega Constellation always makes a wonderful and meaningful gift for a special woman in your life. Whether you are marking an important anniversary, celebrating her birthday, graduation from university or any other memorable occasion, she'll remember those moments with joy every time she wears the watch. An increasing number of people are even choosing to give their wife-to-be a luxury diamond set watch instead of the traditional engagement ring. 

A Brief History of Women's Watches

Luxury watches have been an essential accessory for stylish women for centuries. It all started when the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat, had a “wristlet” bracelet watch made by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1810. Breguet honour this early wristwatch design with their refined and feminine Reine de Naples collection. Slightly later, in 1868, Patek Philippe made a key-winding bracelet watch for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary. Designed as a piece of decorative jewellery, it was an exquisite gold watch set with diamonds and finished with ornamental carvings. Watches remained fashionable over the years, with styles changing to suit changing lifestyles and tastes. For example, the first waterproof wristwatch was the Rolex Oyster. It was invented in 1927 and put to the test when it was worn by Mercedes Gleitze on a cross-channel swim. The watch still worked after 10 hours in the water!

Despite predictions that the habit of using mobile phones to tell the time would see them become obsolete, watches have remained a popular accessory for women of all ages. While, in part, this must be due to the reliable quality offered by luxury brands, the elegance that a beautiful wristwatch brings to one's wrist must also play a role. Whether you prefer a Cartier or Bvlgari, a well-chosen women's watch expresses a certain sophistication of taste and is a flawless finishing touch to any outfit.

Female Celebrities & Their Favourite Luxury Watches 

Many female celebrities have made a distinctive luxury watch  into part of their signature look. 

  • Elizabeth Taylor loved wearing her snake inspired Bvlgari Serpenti watch - a statement piece that was a perfect fit for the style icon's glamorous personality. 
  • Cartier Tank watches have been favoured by influential women including first ladies Jacqueline Kennedy, Michelle Obama and the late Princess Diana.
  • Singer and actress Rihanna owns a yellow gold and steel Rolex Datejust, which she often wears with stacks of bracelets and bangles.
  • The chic, classic lines of the Cartier Ballon Blue watch are the perfect match for the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's poised and graceful style.
  • Audemars Piguet women's watches have many fans including Kylie Jenner, who wears the diamond-set Royal Oak Quartz, and tennis-star Serena Williams who has a white and gold Royal Oak Offshore watch.
  • Cara Delavigne owns a special edition TAG Heuer Carrera watch which was designed especially for her.

The Latest Trends in Ladies Watches

A high-quality women's watch will always be in style and it is a good rule to buy a piece because you love it, not because of what is currently hot on the fashion scene. However, there are some reoccurring trends that run through many luxury brand's designs that are worth considering when shopping for a watch. Rose gold watches are always a gorgeous and feminine choice, such as those in the Audemar Piguet Royal Oak collection. Timepieces with gemstone embellishments, like the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster , or the Chopard Happy  with its iconic moving diamonds, are all about extravagant glamour. Another popular approach is choosing a vintage ladies watch to channel retro style. Pre-loved Patek Phillippe, Rolex and Cartier watches from the early to mid-1900s are still very wearable and are a charming accessory choice. 

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