Frequently asked questions

Buying at Chronoexpert

  • Chronoexpert is a global platform which connects private individuals and businesses wishing to sell their watches with people who are interested in buying them. Its international character enables it to offer its customers the largest selection of brands and models from the market.
  • Our mission as intermediaries is to guarantee that the transaction between the seller and buyer is completely satisfactory and 100% secure.

Are our watches authentic?

  • Of course. Chronoexpert guarantees that 100% of the watches are authentic. We do not accept fakes, copies or non-original items. All products pass through our facilities in order to be subjected to a complex verification process by our team of experts.
  • We are so certain of the authenticity of the products that we offer a guaranteed right of return for up to 14 days after purchase.


How does the purchasing process work?

  • It’s easy. Navigate through Chronoexpert until your find the watch you like most.
  • If you do not find your ideal watch, our entire team is at your service to help you find the model you want.
  • You can contact us by filling out the following contact form or by telephone.
  • Once you find the watch you want, send your purchase request. You can make a counteroffer, but remember that an offer that is too low will likely be rejected automatically.
  • We will evaluate your offer within 24-48 hrs. and if it is accepted, we will contact you via email or telephone in order to guide you to the final stage of the purchase.
  • Once we receive your payment, we will retain and guard the amount for 14 days until we are certain of your complete satisfaction with the transaction. We will never release the payment to the seller until at least 14 days have passed after the day we deliver it to your home or other location specified by you.
  • Every watch purchased on Chronoexpert is meticulously checked and any imperfections it might have are fixed, before it goes through a complete authentication process.
  • Once the watch has passed our internal quality checks, we will proceed to send it to you.
  • The entire buy&sell process takes place on Chronoexpert in order to give you complete security in the transaction.

Do I have the right to a guarantee?

  • Yes. The buyer has a 12 month warranty from Chronoexpert. Our customer service will guide you through the following steps. Contact us:

I see that Chronoexpert offers a 14-day return guarantee. How does this work?

  • If you are not happy with the watch you have purchased you have up to 14 days after your receipt of the delivery to return it. To request a return, contact us by filling out the following contact form, giving your order number and reason for the return. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Are the prices negotiable?

  • The prices are negotiable, but remember that an offer that is too low will be automatically rejected.

What forms of payment are available to me?

  • We accept Paypal, among others. We also offer the option of paying through bank transfer.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us by filling out the following contact form or by telephone.

What delivery methods are available?

  • There is no need to concern yourself with the delivery. Chronoexpert will organise it with first-rate courier services such as DHL or UPS. We will keep you informed of the delivery status at all times. In addition, the delivery is always insured.

How can I track my delivery?

  • Once the tracking details are available, we will let you know.

What happens if the watch becomes lost or the package is damaged? Is the delivery insured?

  • Of course, all our deliveries are insured for the total amount. The cost of the insurance is included in the sale price on the website.

The watch is in a foreign country. What should I be aware of?

  • Chronoexpert offers 100% free delivery. However, we DO NOT cover additional taxes that may be applied. For example, customs taxes, import duties or tariffs.
  • Chronoexpert is not responsible for taxes which are applied outside of the EU. The amount can vary depending on the country. Please contact us or consult your customs authority.


How can I advertise my watch?

  • Fill out and send this form link to sell your watch. Including as much information as possible, such as high-quality images, increases the chances and speed of the sale. Minimum details required are the brand, model, condition and price.
  • We will check all the information you provide to us in less than 24 hours and will inform you when your advertisement has been published. It is highly likely that we will request more images, such as proof of property. Please understand! Our job is to guarantee that both parties, buyer and seller, carry out the transaction in the most secure and efficient way possible.
  • If you need to make any changes to the advertisement, please let us know by filling out the following contact form and we will modify it as quickly as possible.

Is there a cost for publishing the advertisement?

  • Absolutely not. Advertising a watch costs nothing. As an intermediary, Chronoexpert applies an administration and authentication charge to the sale price you set when you advertise the watch.
  • We are transparent, we will always communicate the price you obtain and the final sale price on our Marketplace.

I have the original box and papers. Are they important?

  • They are very important. The original box and papers increase the value of your watch. Indicate this in your advertisement and include them when we organise the collection of your watch.

What happens when my watch is being sold?

  • Once someone is interested in buying your watch and initiates the purchasing process,
    1. we will contact you to let you know.
    2. We receive payment for the watch from the buyer and proceed to organise the collection of your watch in your home or another location that you indicate to us. The money paid by the buyer for the watch is deposited in the Chronoexpert current account until the authentication process has finished. If we do not have the money in our current account we will not proceed to collect your watch.
    3. Once 14 days have passed after the delivery of the watch to the buyer, we will pay you the price indicated on the buy-sell contract of your watch.
  • Once we have collected your watch, there is no need to worry as the receipt and delivery of the watch to our premises is insured. Simply ensure that the watch is well wrapped.
  • In our offices we will proceed with the tasks of authentication and servicing. Remember that we do not accept fakes, copies or non-original watches. If we receive fakes, copies or non-original watches we will have to communicate this to the relevant authorities.

How and when will I receive my money?

  • Depending on your preference, we will pay you by Paypal or bank transfer. The payment method is fixed in the buy-sell contract which we sign with all our customers and suppliers.
  • We will transfer your money to you 14 days after we deliver the watch to the buyer. The buyer has the right to return the watch up to 14 days after purchase if the watch has any imperfections that they are not happy about. Remember that Chronoexpert holds the total payment in its current account, so your money is completely safe!


Condition of the watches

New 100% new or from an old collection that is unused
Very good Watch in perfect condition without visible scratches or signs of use.
Good Watch in very good condition with light usage marks.
Used Watch with visible scratches and marks. Possible non-original parts/replacements.

I have questions about Fair Price. How does it work?

  • Fair Price is a distinguishing element which you will only find on Chronoexpert. It applies to both the buyer and the seller.
    • Buyer
      • Watches with the Fair Price tag have a sale price that is the same as the market average.
      • You are paying for the true value of the watch at that moment.
    • Seller
      • We will inform you if you are selling your watch at the market price.
      • Thus, it provides a good indication of whether it is a good price and if you are likely to sell it quickly.
    • The Fair Price is calculated according to different parameters such as number of sales, age and condition.

Where can I send my questions and comments?

  • We love listening to our customers and learning their opinion. Please send us your questions by filling out the following contact form or by telephoning us.

Want to link to our site?

  • We encourage you to add a Chronoexpert link to your website. Please find the linking options here Choose the one that suits you better.If you need help or have any questions, please contact our customer service department.