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Fortis Watches – For Every Need in the World

A family-owned business, Fortis lives up to its name (a Latin adjective meaning powerful, lasting, bold, and brave, among others) and works on the principle that they do what’s right for the brand and quality is their supreme calling.

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Standing out in the Crowd

Of all the watch manufacturers in the world, few can lay claim to over a century of uninterrupted operations – Fortis is among them. Fewer still can claim that their watches are standard issue for astronauts – Fortis’ Cosmonautis line has been part of the standard equipment for Russian space travel since 1994. And only Fortis can categorically state that they were the first to invent the first self-winding wristwatch, the Harwood Automatic, at Baselworld in 1926.

On Land, In the Air or Sea, or in Outer Space

Fortis watches are available in four main collections – Cosmonautis, Aviatis, Terrestis, and Aquatis. To paraphrase Star Trek, “Space: The Final Frontier” was conquered by Fortis beginning in the 60s; today, the Cosmonautis collection is a staple in the choices of astronauts and space buffs!

A leader in the pilot watches field, the Aviatis collection is perfect for those most at home in the skies. Before air and space, there was the water world to rule in, and Fortis was the first to take its place under water with the Aquatis collection.

The brand’s latest collection, launched in 2015, the Terrestis draws on Fortis’s designs from earlier in the century – the 30s and 40s. A modern gentleman’s watch, it displays the brand’s heritage and sophistication to full advantage.

Find your Pre-Owned Fortis Watch

The estate watch market is a treasure trove of watchmaking triumphs of the past years and is hence frequented by serious and fledgling watch enthusiasts on the hunt for the next great find or their first ever luxury watch. When it comes to a pre-owned Fortis watch, there is a large inventory to be explored, including the original first line of automatic watches, vintage pieces and even the world’s first chronograph! It’s no wonder that so many consider an estate Fortis the prize of their watch collections!

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