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Breitling Superocean Heritage A17320

Breitling prices: are they worth the money?

Founded by Leon Breitling in 1884, this world-renowned watch manufacturer has always focused on being a technological pioneer. Obsessed with chronographs, which were becoming increasingly popular with pilots at the time, Breitling invented an elegant, stripped-down version of the complicated mechanism favored by his competitors. Today, the Swiss brand is still highly used within the aviation industry and has a strong reputation for high-tech designs and features.


Why are Breitling prices so high? A look at the collections

With pilots watches being what Breitling is most renowned for, it’s no surprise that its original Navitimer model remains its most successful design to-date. Based on the 1942 Chronomat, the Navitimer was invented in-line with the post-WWII aviation boom in 1954. It is hailed as a self-contained wrist instrument for pilots, and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association quickly made the watch its official timepiece. Stand-out features include Breitling’s iconic circular slide rule and the original Valjoux 7750 caliber — which has now been replaced with the in-house B01 chronograph. Navitimer Breitling prices vary greatly, depending on the model, caliber and materials used. But you can expect to spend around $6,300 for a modern, never-worn version, and up to $12,300 for a vintage piece. In addition to several collections aimed at pilots, Breitling also offers precise and robust diving timepieces, with one of the most recognizable collections being the Superocean. A classic and reliable piece, it is water resistant all the way down to 200m and has a unidirectional bezel that keeps track of dive times. Other practical features include luminous hands and a fluorescent marking on the bezel so that both are easy to see in dark waters. A screw-down crown, complete with a crown guard, prevents damage in high-pressure situations and renders the watch virtually indestructible. The average Superocean Breitling price is $3,400. For professional divers, the Avenger Seawolf II must be taken into consideration when looking to invest in a Breitling watch. Incredibly robust, it’s water-resistant up to 3000m, and there is a unique helium escape valve — making it one of the few watches in the world that can withstand extreme pressure. Costs of a Breitling Avenger Seawolf average $4,600, but you can pick one up for a little less if it’s pre-owned.

Breitling prices: are they a good investment

Breitling watches are renowned for their impeccable quality and are built to last a lifetime. This alone makes them a great investment. For serious collectors, it’s recommended to look towards the vintage models. For example, Navitimers released in the 1970s have held their value extremely well — provided they are in perfect condition. Primarily used as an adventure companion, it can be hard to find a pre-owned Breitling that has aged well, but well-worn pieces have the bonus of having a great story behind them!