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It’s worth noting that not all watches are in the same class, and when it comes to luxury watches, Rolex Submariner is in a class by itself.

Not only is it an iconic timepiece worn by the rich and famous worldwide, but the Rolex name alone represents prestige and luxury.

Will Rolex Submariner hold its value? We believe yes, and this article will tell you why.

Rolex Submariner As An Investment

Gold, oil, property, stocks, bonds – they are all investments, but what about a luxury watch like the Rolex Submariner?

Rolex is among the most recognized brands in the world, ranked 78 on Forbes’ list of most valuable brands worldwide for 2019. Rolex Submariner was introduced to the market in 1953 as standard equipment for professional and military divers. Today it enjoys a robust reputation for style, status, and value (as long as you don’t buy a fake Rolex). In fact, between 1994 and 2016, the value of Rolex Submariner has more than tripled.


Pop culture has played a role in the steady increase in value the Rolex brand and the Submariner model, in particular, have enjoyed over the years. When the Rolex Submariner was strapped to Sean Connery’s wrist in the Bond film Dr. No, an icon was born. It was the beginning of Rolex as a status symbol and Submariner as the model that everyone wanted.

Look Which Will Always Be Fashionable

Rolex Submariner is not a subtle looking watch that only looks good on certain occasions. The case is large at 40 mm in order for divers to see the watch and all its functions clearly and precisely. The rotating bezel, also a dive function, is created from scratch proof ceramic in a process patented by and for Rolex. This is a working watch, designed to do a job and fulfill a purpose.

The look of Rolex Submariner is part of the reason the watch holds its value. The sporty, casual appearance looks great for any occasion with any kind of style. Instantly recognizable on the wrists of celebrities and pop culture icons, Rolex Submariner is the tool watch that transformed men’s fashion.

The Movement

Manufactured by and for Rolex, the movements in Submariner are powered by natural movement run by tiny engines perfected decades ago. Quartz movements and wearable technology have not lessened the appreciation most people have for watches with mechanical movements like Submariner. No one will pass down their smartwatch to a son or daughter as an heirloom.

The Models

Since its introduction to the world market in the 1950s, Rolex Submariner has gone through different improvements and changes that make it more functional or more appealing. For this reason, there are some models more valuable than others because they are considered rare or unusual. The Date Hulk, the 50th Anniversary, and the Bond models are good examples of models that resale for higher-than-average prices.

The Value

The heritage, extraordinary design, and the legendary reputation for quality included in Rolex Submariner all add up to a luxury watch that is going to hold or increase in value over time. The iconic sporty elegance of Rolex Submariner also works in its favor, as the resale market is always hungry for this watch.

Demand is another reason that Rolex Submariner will hold its value over time. One of the most replicated but never duplicated watches in the world happens to be Rolex Submariner.

Rolex submariner value

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The strong market for faux watches aside, the demand for the real deal keeps Rolex innovating new and exciting improvements to the Submariner that sends collectors scrambling for the latest and greatest version.

Rolex Submariner, like other watch brands and models, will hold its value because of the iconic Rolex name, the reputation for Swiss manufacturing, and the iconic appearance.

As a collector or just a lover of luxury watches, you may not ask will Rolex Submariner hold its value and that is understandable. What you wear on your wrist should be a reflection of your taste and style. Find your Rolex Submariner and enjoy wearing it, knowing it will hold its value better than your vehicle.


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