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The right watch can completely transform an outfit. Wristwatches these days have evolved from the pocket watch to a stylish accessory that serves to not only show the time but to match current trends.

As wristwatches have adapted to become more and more of a fashion statement it might be hard to know what wrist to wear your watch on. It can differ for men or women, whether you’re right or left-handed and what style of watch you wear, but generally, the answer is the wrist you feel most comfortable with.

If your wristwatch is one you wear all day and every day and you’re wondering which hand to wear your watch, you should consider the potential damage your day-to-day activities can inflict. If you have an active lifestyle, consider using your non-dominant wrist to wear your watch. Using your non-dominant wrist means your watch will be subjected to fewer amounts of movement and is, therefore, less likely to be damaged.

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Also, consider the type of watch you are wearing. If you choose to wear a watch that needs manually winding by hand this might affect which wrist you wear it on. You would typically use your dominant hand to wind your watch, so wearing it on your non-dominant hand would be the easiest solution.

Wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand also helps with comfort, as your watch will not be getting in the way of your movements, and it also makes it easier to check the time while your dominant hand is in use.

On Which Arm Do Ladies Wear A Watch On?

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Women might consider what hand they wear their other jewelry with. Chunky bracelets and bangles could scratch your watch so you may want to wear your watch on the opposite wrist. On the other hand, some fashion-forward watches are designed to coordinate with other jewellery so you might want to stack your other wrist wear for an on-trend look.

As up to 95 percent of people are right-handed, their non-dominant hand is their left. Most watches are designed with this in mind. This means it’s easier for right-handed people to read a watch face while it’s sitting on their left wrist. The numbers and details on the dial can be viewed better from a right-handed view, and most of the controls are easier to use for right-handed users.

Left-Handed Watches

There are some models made especially for left-handed people to wear on their right wrists. Tudor recently unveiled their left-handed version of the Pelagos diving watch, which has a crown on the opposite side of the watch to make it easier to wind and control for left-handed people. Other luxury watch brands such as Citizen, Hamilton and TAG Heuer have released left-handed models.


However, you decide to wear your wristwatch, make sure you explore our marketplace to find the perfect watch for you.

Tudor Pelagos LHD – ‘Left Hand Drive’ – Pricing & Specifications







So, when it comes to the question of what hand to wear a watch on, you’ll notice that it depends on your individual circumstance.

Here are a few summary points before we wrap up:

  1. Choose your non-dominant hand for most occasions
  2. If you are a lady, choose the wrist without chunky jewellery
  3. For left-handed people, right-handed watches are available
  4. Most watches are made to fit your left hand

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