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What is the etiquette when it comes to luxury watches? How exactly should you wear a luxury watch?  In this post, we will highlight the main points to consider.  From, which wrist you should wear your watch on, to advice about how you wear your watch with bracelets (and when that is acceptable).

Let’s kick this off with some piece of style advice from Gentleman’s Gazette.  How many watches should you own?  When you read “collection”, what does that mean for the average man?

As an authority on men’s style we feel their advice is one to listen to;

“Ideally, we recommend that most men have at least two watches. They don’t have to be expensive, but they should be distinct styles. One should be a dress watch and the other, a casual sports watch.” Gentleman’s Gazette

A dress watch and a casual sports watch are the must-have watches in your collection.  And by collection we mean these two watches, so choose wisely!

That is what is so great about the pre-owned luxury watch market, you can buy and sell your watches whenever you like.  If you get bored and want to try a new model that’s no problem.

But, how to wear a luxury watch?

Let’s go through some common questions now:

1. What is the style etiquette for wearing a luxury watch with a shirt cuff?

There are a few different questions wrapped around this one.  Should you wear your watch on top of your cuffs or underneath?  And how exactly should you wear your watch under your cuff?  Should your shift completely cover the watch, or only partially?  Or, should you find a shirt which finishes at your wrist so your watch is fully visible.   With so many questions it’s no wonder that you might be confused by the style etiquette here.

Let’s make this really simple. Whilst some men can get away with an outlandish fashion statement like wearing their watch on top of their cuff.


Most cannot.

The usual practice is to wear your luxury watch half covered by your shirt sleeve. If you have an extremely bulky watch then you might find that wearing your watch totally outside of your cuff and finding a shirt which ends at the wrist works for you.

The rule for normal dress watches is that you should wear your watch half covered by your shirt sleeve.

  2. What wrist should I wear my luxury watch on?

We wrote about this more extensively in what hand does a watch go on.  The main advice is, your watch should go on your nondominant hand.  This is to avoid scratching and scraping.  95% of people’s dominant hand is their right hand, therefore most watches are to be worn on your left wrist.

Jewelry can also affect which wrist you should wear your watch on.   If you wear a lot of bracelets then you might want to wear your watch on the opposite wrist.  However, we suggest that you wear the bracelets on your dominant wrist and your watch on the nondominant wrist.

 3. How tight should my luxury watch be?

It’s important to know that luxury watches are not designed to be worn loosely.  They should fit your wrist properly.  What does properly mean?  It means that strap should sit just before your wrist bone or even just slightly on top of it, and the lugs of your watch should not extend past the edges of your wrist. The watch should fit smoothly against your skin and be held firmly in place.  

 4. What is the style etiquette for wearing a watch with bracelets?
stacked bracelet rolex
As stated before, we recommend you wear your watch on the opposite wrist you wear your bracelets on.  However, if you decide that combining the two is the way to go then you can also wear your watch with stacked bracelets.  

It is important that the watch is on still secured firmly to your wrist and in the right position (see above). As long as your watch is secure you are able to wear your bracelets above your wrist further up your arm to give the stacked look.

 5. When should I wear my watch?

In our opinion, you should always wear a watch.  We might be biased, sure.  But, if you are a person who likes to look smart and stylish then why would you leave your luxury watch at home in a box?  Watches are made to be worn and enjoyed – enjoy yours.

As usual, let us know your comments below! 

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