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Magnets for all their wonders are fascinating things. A quick lesson on how they work will give you a better understanding of the topic.

Why Use A Watch Demagnetizer?

Usually, all the electrons in a magnet seem to move in the same direction thus creating a north and south pole whilst also creating powerful attracting forces.

In most cases, these forces have been known to aid medicine and industry however one of the biggest enemies of a watch movement is, you guessed it, a magnet.

It is understandable with all the components being made of metal and naturally, most metals will attract and hold a magnetic charge even after you remove the magnet, think back to a screwdriver or paperclips which seem to stick to each other even after there is no magnet attached once they have been near one.

Which Watch Movements Are Most Vulnerable?


Quartz watches do not suffer as much from magnetized parts as much as a mechanical or automatic watches as these movements have far more mechanical and moving components inside them. This was one of the reasons Rolex also developed the Milgauss with the parachrom spring so it would not be affected by powerful magnets used in certain scientific and physics experiments.

Now the risk of a mechanical or automatic watch is that once you expose it to magnetic fields, it can make it less accurate to tell the time. This can happen in certain cases, for example, touch in or touch out machines which use magnets can cause this, some scanning facilities can also cause this disruption in the movement. In some cases, it can speed up and slow down the time by a couple of minutes a day.

You can usually measure this using a compass before you consider an overhaul or service which is the first thing that might come to your mind if your watch is not telling the time accurately. When you put a compass near a magnetized watch, the lera T will change pointing to a different north direction because the watch has been magnetized.

This is a clear indication that you will simply need to purchase a demagnetizer off Amazon or eBay and these are about ten pounds or dollars roughly.

Using A Watch Demagnetizer

To use it, you must simply hold down the red button with the watch on top and then after holding the button down for about ten seconds with the back of the watch placed on the flat blue surface, you slowly lift the watch away from the magnetic field and this degausses the watch and the mechanical movement inside of the watch won’t be magnetized anymore.

This will ensure it runs far more efficiently without gaining or losing time and you can test this with the compass as you place it back onto the watch it should barely move as no magnetic charge is left on the movement. You could repeat this process with the watch facing both ways if you wanted to and this would demagnetize it even more efficiently.

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