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With a price-friendly reputation as a sister brand of Rolex, Tudor’s Black Bay watch has become legendary among watch enthusiasts. There seems to be a soft spot among watch collectors for Tudor, and mutual respect in general for the Black Bay Heritage.


If you are among these collectors, you may have a hard time deciding on which color or combination to choose. This article is your definitive guide to each hue to choose from when selecting your perfect Tudor Black Bay Heritage.


Tudor Black Bay History

Credit Tudorwatch.com

The Tudor trademark was registered on behalf of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, in 1926. The idea behind the brand was to offer Rolex quality at an affordable price, thus preserving the brand while creating a mass appeal. The Tudor Black Bay, which was released in 2012 as a reintroduction of the Tudor Submariner model, features a waterproof rating to a depth of 500 meters.


Rolex Inspiration

Featuring modern details and a wide variety of colors, straps, and bracelets, the Tudor Black Bay plucks its inspiration from Rolex Submariner models from the 1950s. Though there is no mistaking one for the other, the Black Bay and the Submariner share features such as winding crown, lack of crown guards, rose dial signature, and minutes track around the edge of the dial.


Perhaps the most distinctive feature is the snowflake hands, a feature shared between the brands since the 1970s. Vintage Tudor Black Bay models, especially those with the rose logo, enjoy a lively secondary market online amongst collectors and enthusiasts.


The Look of Tudor Black Bay


The original Tudor Black Bay offered in 2012 had a beautiful burgundy dial, which was followed in 2014 by the Tudor Black Bay Blue offering a blue dial. Finally, in 2015, the Tudor Black Bay Black was offered with, you guessed it, a black dial.


The Tudor Black Bay Bronze, with a beautiful bronze patina on the dial and case, and the Tudor Black Bay Dark, featuring all black case, dial and bracelet, have also joined the line, along with color mash-ups now known as the Coke bezel (Black Bay Black and Burgundy) and the Pepsi bezel (Black Bay Blue and Red).


Tudor Black Bay as Seen On


Notable celebrities are famous fans of Tudor Black Bay, among them the All Blacks New Zealand Rugby Team, Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and Jay Chou, to name drop a few. Following the theme of Born to Dare, these fans of Tudor Black Bay are more than ambassadors; they live the successful, unique life that Tudor Black Bay represents.


Which Tudor Black Bay Color?


With all the choices in straps and bracelets, dial colors, case finishes, and more, there is certain to be a Tudor Black Bay to suit anyone’s taste. The following is a handy look-chart to help you on your way to choosing your first Tudor Black Bay watch:

Style Model Strap/Bracelet
Business – Conservative Black Bay Heritage Steel
Sporty – Youthful Black Bay Dark Black Metal or Fabric Strap
Elegant – Sophisticated – Unique Black Bay Bronze Leather
Universal Black Bay Coke or Pepsi Steel


Choosing the right color combination is only the beginning of an adventure with the Tudor Black Bay model. This on-trend luxury watch combines the latest technology, styles, and features with an understated, classic design.

Check out the Tudor Black Bay, a robust diver’s watch with a nod to the past and a firm look toward the future.


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