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Wondering what the most affordable watches for men are? If you are looking for a luxury watch but don’t have the budget to spend several thousand dollars, don’t worry you can still afford a stylish & unique watch.  No need to go down the replica route, it is far better to buy a genuine, original watch within your budget.

We have a selection of affordable watches on which you can enquire about right now!

All of these watches have been checked and verified to be 100% genuine. Browse and shop the top affordable watches in complete confidence.

  1. Breitling Windrider |  $960
    affordable professional watch

First on the list is this stunning Breitling with a red leather strap & date.  Breitling no longer makes this watch so it is only available via a pre-owned luxury watch retailer.  The movement is Quartz, and the case material is steel & gold.

This watch has a nostalgic feel to it, whilst remaining up-to-date. It is in good condition & is a 100% genuine Breitling watch.

  1.     Omega Dynamic II  |  $910

Nicknamed “spiderman” the Omega Seamaster Dynamic II is as vintage as a watch can get. This Omega was made in a limited edition production during the 1980’s. If you are looking for a vintage, rare yet affordable watch then the spiderman is a solid choice.  No doubt you’ll find it a conversation starter at the very least!

  1. Tag Heuer Aquaracer  | $1,030
    High Impact Diving Watch

Worn by celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio and Cara Delevingne, Tag Heuer is one of the top luxury watch brands. 100% steel, with a minimalist, numberless style face this a modern piece which complements a professional wardrobe.

The 300 M is a sport watch water resistant up to 300 Meters, suitable for any high impact water sports or diving activities. For an affordable, professional looking dive watch this Aquaracer is the perfect option.

 Tag Heuer Aquaracer Detailed Face | $1,180

This model is very similar to the one featured above however it has a more detailed face with multiple dials.

  1. Tag Heuer Aquaracer Logo | $970

A Tag Heuer Aquaracer with the logo featured at the center of the face.

  1. Ladies Tag Heuer Aquaracer | $1,220

Tag Heuer’s ladies model in mother of pearl color.   Made in solid steel with a quartz movement, this watch would make the perfect gift.

  1. Ladies Cartier Watch | $1,150

    Credit Swiss Sportswatch

Cartier is one of the finest swiss watches brands, worn by some of the most successful women all over the world.  This piece is champagne colored with a brown, leather strap.  It is classy, professional and luxurious.  A stunning watch for an engagement or anniversary gift. It has a quartz movement & a solid silver case.

  1. Baume Et Mercier Classima | $1,090

Branding themselves as THE affordable swiss watch brand, Baume Et Mercier is worth looking to for entry level luxury watches. The company was formed in the small swiss village of Les Bois in the 1830’s.  The Baume Et Mercier Classima has a modern, minimalist face with a numberless dial, leather buckle & a quartz movement.

  1. Maurice Lacroix Date | $890

A quartz men’s watch with a plain black face and solid steel strap.  Maurice Lacroix is a swiss watch brand which makes their movements in-house. This watch is water resistant up to 150 feet, suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

  1. Hublot Geneve Chronograph | $610

This is one of the most affordable chronographs on   Made in steel & gold with a folding clasp and a quartz movement. Rather unique for the luxury watch world this Hublot watch has a rubber strap, more akin to the smart watches of today than the luxury timepiece world. A conversation starter and a professional, affordable chronograph watch.

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