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Vintage is a term which has been taken over by different groups of people in the fashion industry without a clear definition.

Originally, the term vintage was used to describe wine. The definition of vintage wine is a wine made from grapes which were all, or primarily grown and harvested in the same year.

Then, the clothes industry decided to start using the term and vintage clothes became a new trend. The vintage style of clothes is now split between two areas, one is new clothes which look like they are from another era. The second is clothes from another era. In order to be vintage, it should be 30 years or more old (or look like it).

Then, the watch industry started using the term.

If you ask 20 different people what the term vintage means when it comes to buying watches, you’ll get 20 different answers. It’s a term which customers started using, and as a result, now the industry is talking about it too.

For the sake of this post, when we talk about vintage watches we mean watches which are at least 30 years old. At we have watches spanning a century. That is what is so exciting about the pre-owned market.
So, if you are looking for vintage watches, check out our luxury watch store and filter by date on the left-hand side.

Enjoy delving into the world of vintage watch buying.

Vintage watch buying tips

Think about the future

One of the great things about buying in the second-hand market is appreciation. New watches can be like new cars, as soon as you take them out of the shop they’ve already dropped in value. Second-hand watches are priced more reasonably, and if you shop well then they can increase in value over time. Read more: The Best Watch Brands Which Hold Their Value

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Think about the present


What will you be doing with your watch? Do you need a formal vintage watch for work, or are you an adventurous type and need a watch which is both high quality, sturdy and reliable. Look at the present, what do you spend most of your time doing already. It’s nice to dream, but it’s far better to add to what you already have than prepare for a future you might never find yourself in.


Make sure the watch has been authenticated


Many watches come with a certificate of authentication, this makes it a lot easier to feel confident that you’re purchasing a high-quality watch. If your watch doesn’t come with a certificate, it doesn’t mean it’s a fake. However, do your research and if you can, get a second opinion.

Read, how to tell if your watch is authentic where we go into more detail. Or, purchase your watch from We have a team of experts who check every watch in the store.

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