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In the world of luxury watches, the TAG Heuer Carrera stands out for its style and wearability. Since its original design, the chronograph has become a key part of the TAG Heuer line and part of the driving force behind the company’s place as a luxury watchmaker.

Here’s what makes this luxury watch a true icon.




Celebrating its 55th anniversary this year (2018), the TAG Heuer Carrera was first designed in 1963. Jack Heuer named the watch after the famous Carrera Panamericana, an auto race that took place in Mexico until the 1950’s and known among auto racers as a famously dangerous race. Heuer designed the Carrera with professional auto racers in mind, creating a chronograph with high precision and reliability.

formula 1

The TAG Heuer Carrera fell out of production for some years following its initial run, resurfacing in the 1990’s when a new addition of the chronograph based on the original 1960’s model was launched. The company has been the official timekeeper for Formula 1 racing since 1992.

Since that re-release, the TAG Heuer Carrera has gone on to achieve renown as one of the best-known chronographs in the TAG Heuer line. The company continues to release new generations of the Carrera, which has obtained enduring popularity.




The design of the Carrera has varied somewhat throughout the years as TAG Heuer has released different generations of the timepiece.  Throughout all of the innovation, however, the company has stayed true to the spirit of the original design.

Credit Tag Heuer

One hallmark of this chronograph is the bold display on the watch face. Some editions use numerals, other dials simply have markings. However, all share the common feature of easy readability, harkening back to the watch’s origins as a chronograph appropriate for auto racers.

The face is made of sapphire crystal. Many models have a unidirectional bezel and a tachymeter. This allows for the calculation of speed and distance, appropriate given the origins of the watch’s design which has been inspired by racing.

The chronograph has three hands, which are luminescent so can be read in low light, there is also a date window in most models. Most TAG Heuer Carreras are water resistant to a distance of at least 100m.

This chronograph is available in a range of sizes and styles, including ladies watches. Refreshingly, there are smaller faces available even in the men’s line, suitable for a sleeker look. TAG Heuer also offers a range of bands for this chronographs, meaning that it can be tailored to fit a range of styles and activities.

Overall, the TAG Heuer Carrera has the look of a sports watch which is appropriate for most events.

On the Inside

This Swiss chronograph is offered in both versions with both automatic and quartz movements. The automatic is self-winding, while the quartz is powered by a battery. There are also different Calibres of movement, depending on which Carrera is chosen.

However, regardless of the model, TAG Heuer prides itself on the precision and accuracy of the Carrera line.  The TAG Heuer Carrera is known as an affordable luxury watch, often available for prices less than $5000. This chronograph can be found in store for as low as $1800, with many models in the less than $3000 range. The Carrera is a great introduction into the larger TAG Heuer line.

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