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We often cover the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into luxury watchmaking. Today we have a really special treat, Ronnie Wood, member of the Rolling Stones has been involved with the luxury watch maker Bremont and has hand painted a collection of watches.


Not usually known for his artwork, Ronnie has gone as far to say that his art has saved his life, it has helped him to sober up and express himself and his creativity in new ways.  He’s been painting for some years now and built up a career alongside his music, his work is sought after by art collectors.

Credit Castle Fine Art

This isn’t Ronnie’s first collaboration with Bremont, but it is the first time he has released so many works of art.  Ronnie collaborated with the brand by hand painting several marine clocks for them. 


Marine clocks offer a much larger surface for the artist to work with than his recent offering. His recent collaboration is a collection of 47 hand painted dials which were painted whilst he was on tour with the Rolling Stones. 


You can see from the collection that his music has heavily influenced the designs.   It’s almost as if the tour has leaked onto each piece. Each piece is one of a kind, making it a very rare collectors item which we are confident will be valuable for years to come.  These are the kinds of rare pieces which we will see on sale at Christies and be reporting on their eye watering prices. (credit to Bremont for the images).

ronnie wood watches

In Ronnies own words, “What’s quite nice is that the dials feel like old friends and together they’re all so different. They look like they’ve been done from all over the world, some with more Chinese and African influences as well as American through to the British countryside. They all have an ‘I feel like painting’ connection or a guitar that’s bent to fit into the dial shape, a horse, a ‘rock on’ or ‘rock hard’ or ‘time rocks on’ kind of message to the wearer so when he looks at the time, he thinks “I better keep rocking”. Painting these dials has been a challenge and I’ve always loved a challenge.”


There is also a limited edition print on sale of the full collection.  For the full collection & the print check it out here.

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