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When you think of Rolex, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely a diver’s watch like everyone’s coveted model, the Submariner. It turns out, however, that Rolex is more than just a sporty dive-style watch manufacturer. Behold the Rolex Cellini, which proves Rolex is equally as talented when it comes to elegance on the wrist. Read on and be amazed at what is under the cover of Rolex Cellini.


About Rolex


Founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905, Rolex embodies Swiss craftsmanship and precision timekeeping. Rolex makes the most recognizable, high-profile watches on the market including the legendary Rolex Submariner. Among the innovations in timekeeping pioneered by Rolex are chronometer certification, waterproofing and dive certification, self-winding mechanisms, and date display automation, among others.


History of Cellini


Oyster Perpetual, Professional and Cellini are the three general watch lines that Rolex manufactures. Cellini is considered the “dress” line of the brand and has evolved to include shapes, sizes, and materials in a wide variety according to fashion.

Named for Benvenuto Cellini, a famous Renaissance-era Italian goldsmith and sculpture artist, and draftsman, the Rolex Cellini was released in the 1960s with the intention of taking the company in a new direction other than just offering sports watches.

 The Rolex Prince, introduced in 1928 and featuring a rectangular case, was the original inspiration for the Rolex Cellini line. Discontinued in the 1940s, the Prince lives on through the Cellini models (Rolex Prince Cellini pictured below)


Launched in new styles that became more cohesive and appealing as the market changed, the Cellini family including the Rolex Cellini Danaos, the Rolex Cellini Quartz, and the Rolex Cellini Cestello, which are still available on the pre-owned market.


Rolex Cellini Today


In 2005, Rolex Cellini Prince launched as a recreation of a Rolex model from 1928. The line evolved again with the 2014 release of Cellini models that included time, date, and dual time features. Contemporary versions of Rolex Cellini include the Moonphase version, a feature that looks back to 1950’s styles released by Rolex.


Cellini Movement


Rolex manufactures the movement for all their watches and the Cellini model is no exception. Featuring a self-winding mechanical movement, Cellini has the caliber 3135 movements in common with Rolex’s sport watch models. The new Rolex Cellini models are water-resistant to 50 meters, a new development in the line that was neither automatic nor water-resistant in previous versions.


Cellini Appearance


Rolex Cellini is a classic dress watch, an unexpected offering from the Rolex brand, legendary for sport and dive style watches. Vintage versions featured cases in the 35 mm range, with the diameter going up to 39 mm in the latest models. Considered a “classic” size in wristwatches, Cellini looks good on any wrist and is best suited to formal business or occasions that call for black tie attire such as weddings, cocktail parties, and other events.


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Rolex Cellini is available in white or rose gold with a dark or light dial, bringing the choice up to a dozen across the date, date-time, and Moonphase models. Leather straps compliment the look in either black or brown, with the gold color on the buckle matching the case. The hour markers are elongated for more elegance and point to a minute and hour track instead of numbers. In classic Rolex fashion, Cellini includes the oignon-style crown, a fluted bezel, and clean, elegant good looks.


Worn By


Now that he has left the White House, former President Barak Obama has been spotted wearing his Rolex Cellini on quite a few occasions. Rolex Cellini is also worn by Gustavo Dudamel, the music director of the LA Philharmonic. Other notable associations include celebrities in the world of music, art, and opera, to name a few.


Often overlooked, the classic styled Rolex Cellini should be on your list of watches to add to your collection, especially if you have a less-is-more fashion sense. Considered the “tuxedo” of the Rolex models, the Cellini is a true dress watch with a sleek, elegant appearance. If you already own a Submariner, Daytona, or one of the other Rolex flagship watches, consider Rolex Cellini for special occasions that call for sophisticated style.

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