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The movement is the heart and soul of any watch. Also called the mechanism or the caliber, the movement consists of all the mechanical parts that we don’t think about, they just work to give the correct time.

Most watch movements are Swiss or Chinese, but there was such a thing as an American watch movement.

Then the 1970s ushered in electronic watches and quartz modules took over mechanical movements. That was the end of American watch manufacturing, until now.

Enter Ameriquartz, a new watch movement made in the U.S.A., with the hope that the American-made watch industry is ready to take flight again. This article gives details on what you should know about the Ameriquartz movement.


Exec Summary


  • Ameriquartz has been designed and manufactured by FTS
  • At the moment they are focusing on quartz movements only
  • FTS are working in partnership with Titan
  • The movements are not 100% American made however FTS are moving in that direction
  • For every sale of model A11 a % goes to veteran charities
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Who is Behind the Ameriquartz Movement?

The company behind Ameriquartz is Fine Timepiece Solutions or FTS, who is based in a 69,000 square foot facility in Fountain Hills, Arizona. FTS is making their own line of calibers, a huge leap forward for American watch brands.

Titan Industries of India, the fourth largest watch company in the world (part of the $100 billion TATA group) is FTS’ technology partner. While Titan does not do much business in the US, but they are a major player in the rest of the world.

FTS is projected to add around 300 jobs to the local ecosystem as they grow, with a goal of making it easier for North American watchmakers to compete in the global market with turnkey solutions conveniently available.


What is Ameriquartz?

Ameriquartz is the trademarked name given by FTS to their first line of calibers, of which the company has produced 16 in total. Focusing on quartz movements only (read this & this if you are unsure about what a quartz movement is), FTS feels it is the best sector to get their feet wet.

The movements themselves are not fully made in the US, so they will not be able to label them American Made, but FTS is fast-tracking a fully American made movement. Presently, they are using a mix of domestic and imports to make their movements.


Where Can I Buy a Watch with Ameriquartz?

While FTS is just getting started as a supplier for major watch brands, you can pre-order Ameriquartz fitted watches from Minuteman, a Chicago watch company. For every sale of the model A11, reviewed here, the company donates a portion of each sale to veterans’ charities, with this year’s selection Homes For Our Troops set to benefit.



How Reliable is Ameriquartz?

FTS is the producer of 16 quartz calibers, with the range encompassing a simple two-handed movement up to a model with world time functionality. At the top of every minute, the FTS movements adjust their own accuracy, if necessary, which makes them extremely accurate.

FTS has made a wide range of sizes and functions available, each with multiple hand-height options. The movements assembled by the FTS group have full metal construction and will come with a standard five-year warranty.


How Does Ameriquartz Compare to Others?

Bear in mind this is still very new, so it still remains to be seen. Thanks to Titan’s involvement, the engineering, physical tooling, and manufacturing operations plus some of the raw materials and individual parts are included in the company’s current processes.

Titan has an excellent reputation in the global watch market, thanks in part to one of its products called The Edge, which is the thinnest, lightest ceramic quartz watch available anywhere in the world.

The manufacturing and engineering power is definitely behind FTS with leadership from Manuel J. Yazijian, one of the most respected certified master watchmakers in North America, who has achieved a CMW21 watchmaker ranking and is the past-president of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI).


What is Next for the Ameriquartz Movement?

The potential disruption to the Swiss and Asian hold on the market is significant. The advantages to micro and nano watch brands in North America will include shorter lead times, lower transportation costs, and, potentially, a resource partner for outsourced assembly.

FTS is offering optional assembly services at their in-house facility, which has the potential for huge expansion. FTS certainly seems to have found a niche to fill in the North American watch market and they are full steam ahead to become the trusted supplier for many watch brands.

Exciting times lie ahead for the American watch market, so watch this space.

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