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For over 100 years, the Cartier Tank Solo has been an icon in the world of luxury watches.

Remarked upon for its simplicity, grace, and sheer perfection, the Cartier Tank has adorned the wrists of notables from Andy Warhol to Calvin Klein & Angelina Jolie (pictured below).

Cartier Tank Solo retains all the classic simplicity of the Carter Tank while being one of the most affordable watches in the luxury line.


History of the Cartier Tank Solo


The first Cartier Tank was designed by Louis Cartier in 1917, but would not go on the market for sale until 1919, shortly after the end of World War I. At the time, the world was moving away from pocket watches, spurred on by the wartime need to be able to quickly look at your wrist to tell the time rather than digging a watch out of your pocket.


Remarkably, the design of the watch has stayed current in the intervening years. Cartier has released a line of Tank watches, all taking their basis from the original design.


The Cartier Tank Solo comes in both quartz and automatic models. The quartz model was released in 2004, followed by the automatic model in 2012.


Cartier Tank Solo Watch

Cartier Tank Solo Appearance

This is a watch with a modern look, fit for the 21st century while still being unmistakably part of the Tank line. While the Cartier Tank Solo Quartz and the Cartier Tank Solo Automatic are largely similar, there are a few key differences.

The Cartier Tank Solo Quartz is available in either 24.4mm x 31 mm or 27mm x 34.8mm. The smaller size is marketed as a ladies’ watch. Meanwhile, the Automatic is only available in 31mm x 40.85mm.


Credit Swiss Sportswatch

Additionally, the Automatic has a date window, while the Quartz does not display the date. Both models have Roman numerals around the face, but the numeral for 6 is missing on the Automatic to make room for the date window. The dial is white, covered with sapphire crystal glass. The hands are sword-shaped and made from blued steel.


The cases for both models are available in steel, rose gold, or yellow gold. Both models also offer several options for the strap, including a range of colors in leather and alligator skin, as well as stainless steel.


The Cartier Tank Solo is water resistant to a depth of 30 meters.


On the Inside

The greatest difference between the two versions of the Cartier Tank Solo is, of course, what’s powering their movement.

The Cartier Tank Solo Automatic sometimes referred to as self-winding, is driven by a tightly wound watch spring. It will need to be wound upon purchase but thereafter should stay wound simply by the power of your movement while wearing the watch. However, if you wear the watch infrequently, or do not move much while wearing it, you may have to rewind it.   

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The Cartier Tank Solo Quartz is driven by a watch battery and quartz crystal. So there is nothing to be wound, even upon purchase, and the watch will continue ticking until the battery runs down even if not worn. 

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Overall, the Cartier Tank Solo is an excellent entry point into the Cartier Tank line of watches. With a steel case and a leather strap, the watch is available for around $3,500 new or from around $2,500 on making it a comparatively affordable way to join the ranks of those who adorn their wrists with the legendary Cartier Tank.

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