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If you’re thinking about buying a pre-owned watch, and wondering how to finance it, a mindset shift might be the first place to start.  Buying a pre-owned watch can make good financial sense if you treat it like an investment.

The pre-owned luxury watch market is thriving because collectors love to find vintage and rare timepieces that add interest to their watch wardrobes. For this reason, there are plenty of pre-owned luxury watches at affordable prices which increase in value above the index.



Before you get your heart set on the perfect watch for you, set a budget for what you can spend. It is actually very easy to set a watch budget. First, begin with your monthly income and include your paycheck, and any other funds you receive on a regular basis. Then subtract your regular monthly expenses, including your rent or mortgage, utilities, installment loan payments, and other things you pay for each month.

The resulting figure is what you have for fun activities and luxury items like watches. Let’s get real here – this figure may be quite small, but be positive. Set a small amount aside to save up for your first luxury watch and build on it every chance you get. You will be surprised at how much you can save if you have a goal like a fabulous watch!

Financing Options

1. Personal Loan via a bank

You can apply for a personal loan for just about anything, and it is so easy to do so online. Personal loan websites will ask you financial questions to determine if you are qualified for the amount you need to purchase your luxury watch. You do not even have to disclose what you are purchasing, just provide the information and wait for the decision.

2. Savings Plan

Check with your financial institution or a local bank to set up a personal savings plan. These plans are funded directly through automatic deposits from your paycheck. This method is great for people who find it difficult to set aside money from their monthly disposable income rather than just spend it. In a matter of a few months, you will have painlessly created a watch fund for yourself without giving it an extra thought.

3. Financing through the seller’s platform

Financing is also an option, and many online watch sites have financing options available for potential customers. We don’t offer this service at Chronoexpert because we don’t believe it is the best way to finance a watch since the interest rates are often higher than a personal loan in order to cover the risk for the lender.   If you do decide to go down this route you will be asked to verify your identity and agree to their payment terms before your luxury watch can be approved for purchase.


Top Up With Selling Items You Don’t Use

One way to make your new luxury watch more affordable is to find money through the sale of items you may not use anymore. Look to websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist to earn money while you declutter your life.  Turn an old TV or stereo into an item you are going to get more joy and value from in the future.  

tv set


It’s possible to find pre-owned watches for under $2000 + $3000 , break up this figure with the tips above and very quickly you can begin to see that buying a Rolex might be more within reach than you think.

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