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Today we are going to answer the luxury watch questions you never thought to ask, were too scared to ask or asked but still aren’t quite sure about the answer. 

How do I stop luxury watches from pulling at my arm hair?

We kick off the list with a very practical question, how to stop annoying chaffing from your luxury watch. If you have particularly hairy arms then this can become a real nuisance and you might find yourself not wanting to wear your watch because of it.

There is a simple solution to this problem — it’s all in the strap. If you are wearing a metal strap then chafing is more likely. So, if you have very hairy arms then opt for a leather or more formal strap

If you prefer metal straps then we recommend taking your watch off whilst doing activities that cause it to move around a lot. For example sports!

Something else to pay close attention to is the fit, make sure your watch sits on your wrist and does not ride up your arm. The better your watch fits the less likely your arm hair will get pulled at.

Do Astronauts wear watches?

Yes! Astronauts wear watches. Some watches have made their name purely on this basis. The Omega Speedmaster was the first watch worn on the moon and Omega still uses this in their marketing to this day. Astronauts need to keep time with mission control so they set their watches to UTC – Coordinated Universal Time which is halfway between Houston & Moscow. 

What makes a watch luxury?

Firstly the price. Luxury watches are priced higher than the average market, you will be looking to pay upwards of $1500 for a luxury watch. Price isn’t everything though. Paying $1,500 for a Casio doesn’t suddenly make it a luxury watch. 

A luxury wristwatch must use the best materials, gold, rose gold, stainless steel, steel alloy, platinum. Materials are used for both form & function in equal measures & the brand should have invested in R + D to design their watch with the best material for the job. This leads us to the next point, function.  

Credit Omega – Omega Speed Master

A luxury watch is created for a specific purpose. It’s not just a very expensive nice looking watch. The best luxury watches allow the wearer to do something they couldn’t otherwise do. For instance, dive to extremely deep depths and be able to measure their oxygen levels with accuracy.  

How often should I have my luxury watch serviced? 

Ideally, you should have your luxury watch serviced every 2-3 years but this depends on how your watch is performing.

If your luxury watch is performing perfectly then you might be able to increase this time — for a luxury Rolex potentially even up to a decade.

On the flip side, if your watch is showing signs that it needs service, for example, it is losing time, the date is not accurate, or is showing signs of water getting inside the dial then book it in for a service.

Do mechanical watches recognize when a month has 30 days?

Yes, mechanical watches have been designed to account for the different days of the month. This is one of the challenges that watch designers face & the reason that a date complication increases the price of a luxury watch.

Rolex Datejust

Is it okay to wear a watch inside your wrist? 

We don’t recommend wearing your watch inside your wrist. This is not ideal from a style or a practical point of view. Your watch should fit your wrist well and not slip round to the underside, or be worn fitted to the underside since it looks like it has slipped around to other people.

It will also increase the likelihood of the face getting scratched so from a practical point of view it is not advised. 

Like these questions? Let us know in the comments. We’d like to explore more luxury watch questions in future articles. If you have a burning question then let us know in the comments and we will answer it in the next post! 

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