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Consider this article your buyer’s checklist – everything you need to do before, during, and after buying a watch from  We realise it may be intimidating making such a big purchase online, but Chronoexpert’s personal approach, mixed with a world class platform makes it reliable, secure & easy.

Watches are great fashion statements and make excellent gifts for weddings, graduations, or other special milestones.

Buying a watch online is an excellent decision, as you have a global platform from which to find the perfect watch. Before you jump in a buy a watch, read on and make sure you know what to expect for the best experience possible.




Step 1: Choose a Movement


Before you buy a watch, you should have some understanding of what makes them tick. The mechanism that makes the watch run is called the movement or the calibre. The movement is essentially the engine that powers the watch, and there are two types – quartz and mechanical. Quartz movements are powered by a battery and are cheap to make, extremely accurate, and widely available.

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To purists, a mechanical movement is the chosen type for a “real” watch. Some mechanical movements are wound by hand while others are automatic. Automatic watch movements use the movement of the wearer’s arm to wind the mainspring and transfer power to the watch. Once you have chosen a movement, it is time to decide on a type of watch.


Step 2: Decide on Watch Type


Luxury watch manufacturers produce a variety of watch types to suit every profession, occasion, or lifestyle. The main types that catch attention are typically the diver’s watch, the dress watch, the aviation watch, and the driving watch. Each has its own special features and style, and the type of watch you choose should fit into your lifestyle. For instance, if you are a sports enthusiast who participates in water sports, a diving watch should be on your radar.


Step 3: Set a Budget


Luxury brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega all produce their own certified movements that have been through rigorous independent testing. Some brands are more collectible than others, which means that their value holds steady on the secondary market. There are plenty of pre-owned luxury watches with affordable prices for the first-time watch buyer.




Now that you have a watch wishlist, it is time to shop!’s site is easy to navigate through by watch brand, model, and even year and price. If you do not see your perfect watch, our team of experts is ready and willing to help you. Just fill out the contact form or get in touch via telephone. Next, it is time to purchase.

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Step 1 : Fair Price is the only online luxury watch seller that has a Fair Price tag. This means that the sale prices you see on the site are the same as the average market price for the same watch in the same condition. This eliminates the need to spend hours shopping around to determine the best deal, as you are paying the true market value for the watch at that point in time.


Step 2: Make an Offer


During the purchase request phase, you are welcome to make a counteroffer on the prices on our site, but remember that any low-ball offers will be rejected automatically. Reasonable counter offers will be considered for 24 to 48 hours and, once accepted, you will be contacted via email or telephone to guide you through the payment phase.


Step 3: Authentication


Each watch on is reviewed for imperfections, which are expertly fixed before it completely authenticated by rigorous quality checks. We will then send the watch to you and will secure your payment until you receive the watch and have 14 days to confirm your complete satisfaction with your purchase. The entire buying and selling process is secured by so you can buy with confidence.


Step 4: Delivery even organizes the delivery through first-rate courier services including DHL and UPS. The status of your delivery will be sent to you at all times during the process. You can also rest assured that your watch is insured during delivery. Be aware that any international customs, duties, or tariffs that apply to your purchase will add to the price and can vary depending on which countries are involved.




Congratulations! You are the proud owner of your dream luxury watch! Wear it with good health and be confident that you have received an authentic timepiece that will provide you with good wear for years to come. When it is time to trade up, remember to look to as the premier marketplace to find a new home for your luxury watch.


>> Return Guarantee


This hardly ever happens, but if you are less than delighted with your new watch, offers a 14-day return guarantee. Simply fill out the return form online to get the process started within 14 days of receiving your watch. After you fill out the form, we will contact you as soon as possible.


Now that you know what to expect before, during, and after the buying process with, we hope you will look around. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the online form or by telephone. is a global marketplace, offering watches from all over the world that are available for international delivery and vetted by a team of professional experts.

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