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Even though we recommend that you buy the watch that you fall in love with, you should not ignore the fact that a luxury watch is a big purchase & price is always going to important, especially if you are buying an investment watch.

In this article, we give you an overview of our most popular automatic watches & their average price according to the data from our store.

Rolex Automatic Watches

With over 1,700 models to choose from, Rolex is definitely the most popular automatic watch on The flexible, classic style of the Oyster Perpetual model can be yours for just $5,875. The Oyster Perpetual is both timeless and simple, making this model a collectors must-have.

Rolex oyster perpetual
Credit Rolex

For a bit more panache, have a look at the Datejust. At an average price of $7,090, the Datejust may be the most recognizable Rolex on the market. For serious enthusiasts, the Rolex Daytona is the only model you need to consider at an average price of $17,240.

The Rolex Daytona has had iconic status since being introduced in 1963. It is the Rolex model that Paul Newman was never seen without and beloved by race car enthusiasts all over the world. Read: Daytona Review

Omega Automatic Watches

Because of the lower price to start with than other luxury watch brands, Omega models tend to hold their value extremely well.

The stunning Constellation model, at an average price of $2,025 is a fantastic example of the dynamic, contemporary Omega style.

Characterized by the Constellation star in the six o’clock position, the Constellation would not be an Omega without the famous “claws” at the sides of the case. The Constellation is a mid-sized watch that works perfectly on every man, and there is plenty of choice on

Cartier Automatic Watches

In a brand name synonymous with elegance, Cartier watches are excellent investments, especially when the average price on Chronoexpert is $11,270 for the Calibre de Cartier model. A refined classic, the Calibre de Cartier features a round face and sleek case style that gives it a sporty, masculine feel.

Available on in a wide variety of face colors, strap styles, and case metals, the main features include eleven Roman numerals, date window, and small seconds counter.  Also worth checking, the Cartier Tank Solo, which is a stunning watch worn by the stars.

TAG Heuer Automatic Watches

TAG Heuer is the status watch of choice, partially because of the brand’s high visibility on celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Brad Pitt. Even without the star power, TAG Heuer boasts a rich history as a luxury watch manufacturer & was founded in Switzerland in 1860. offers the Aquaracer model at an affordable average price of $1,365.

Credit Tag Heuer

The Aquaracer is the ultimate aquatic sports watch, complete with underwater, deep pressure testing. The TAG Heuer Carrera, with an average cost of $1,635, is a sports model that offers the racing-inspired technology.

If cars are your thing, don’t miss the ultra-cool Formula 1 model, which can be on your wrist for an average price of $2,095. Inspired by the ultimate in car racing, the Formula 1 model is sporty yet elegant and sophisticated.

Breitling Automatic Watches

Didn’t think you could own a Breitling for less than $2,500? Think again; has an average price on the high-demand Colt model of just $2,210. Fully automatic and classic in style, the Colt is dynamic and powerful on any size wrist at 41 to 44 mm in diameter.

The metals and face colors are available in a wide variety, so it will be easy to find your favorite style. For a true icon, look for the Transocean Chronograph model at an average price of $5,970.

A pure classic with contemporary features, the Transocean Chronograph is slender and understated just like a legend should be.

Patek Philippe Automatic Watches

One of the most prestigious names in luxury watches, Patek Philippe offers a wide range of vintages and styles. For example, the Calatrava, with an average price of $17,000, is a charming watch with pure, clean design and a fine example of Patek Philippe’s elegance and grace.

The Calatrava is perfect for professionals to take from boardroom to ballroom with style. With an average price of $28,000, the Complications collection from Patek Philippe is where technology meets sophistication.

For a luxurious sports model, look to the Nautilus collection, the epitome of sporty elegance since 1976. With its octagonal bezel and porthole-style case construction, the Nautilus is splendid for any activity and costs an average of $39,000.

We can tell you are ready to find your own automatic luxury watch, not only as a status symbol and for the satisfaction you will have when you wear it. You want the thrill of the hunt for an investment piece. Our amazing staff of watch experts at is ready to help you find the perfect luxury watch.

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