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This October we are in luck and the most famous agent of all time premieres a new movie. NO TIME TO DIE is released after almost a year and a half of delay and James Bond, once again, reminds us that there is no secret agent without a nice watch to match.

This 2021 marks 26 years of Omega’s collaboration with James Bond. It all began in 1995 with Pierce Brosnan and the now legendary Omega Seamaster, known as the “waves”. Along with this watch, other Bond gadgets such as the BMW r1200c or the legendary BMW Z3 were released. What good times!

Omega seamaster
Credit to Omega

The famous blue Seamaster was released on screen and it is not clear if it was premeditated or not, it was wearing its quartz version on 007’s wrist. Omega, aware of the mistake, corrected it in the next film and gave its mechanical version all the prominence. So much so that it appeared in the famous song at the beginning of the film.

The Omega – James Bond collaboration has been consolidated over time and has basically favored both parties. On the one hand James has become very sophisticated over time while it has become a commercial saga of luxury products. On the other hand Omega has benefited from a halo of mystery and charm of a mythical character of the cinema. In addition to having sold thousands and thousands of watches of the Mi6 agent.

During his adventures and conquests we have seen James Bond with a multitude of watches. From the famous Rolex Submariner of Sean Connery, to the Seamaster Spectre of Craig. However, there were many others that adorned 007’s wrist at some point in the saga. From Roger Moore’s led PULSAR to the digital Seiko of the 70s, many had a place on his wrist.


pulsar roger moore
Credit to Times Ticking

Let’s not forget that James Bond was a “modern” of the time and that is the reason to see models like the PULSAR or the digital Seiko among others. James always wore the latest of the latest and if this entailed opting for non-Swiss brands, he did. The 1970s were the years of quartz technology and the public was going crazy for this novel technology. Recall that back then a simple Seiko digital quartz watch was worth the same as an Omega Moonwatch.

James Bond writer Ian Fleming was a Rolex wearer and always included in his books that the secret agent wore a Rolex, specifically an Oyster Perpetual. The relationship with Rolex lasted for a while and we remember both Sean Connery and Pussy Galore wearing Rolexes.

There was even a Breitling with Sean Connery on screen! A watch of which only a prototype was made for the film and was never marketed. The different brands took turns on screen until Omega arrived in 1995. The first was Pierce Brosnan and later Daniel Craig who would wear their watches. We will even remember more recently as Vesper asks Bond, Daniel Craig, on a train if his watch is a Rolex, a nod to the agent’s past and a kick to the crown brand that is overtaken by Omega.

The 007 saga looks set to remain tied to Omega for the foreseeable future, but what other watches could Bond wear if he didn’t have a contract with Omega? Here are 7 options that fly over our imagination from the craziest to the most sane:


Why not, if in the past James Bond treated us to all the modernities of the time why now would it be less. Of course Q would be happy with the amount of features that the agent could count on.

Let’s hope on the other hand that James Bond continues to maintain good taste in his wrist and does not fall into the fashion of the Smart watch.


Moser Alp Final Upgrade
Credit to Moser & Cie

Moser Alp Final Upgrade, a watch version of the iWatch

It wouldn’t be bad though if he went for his more watchmaking version and chose a Moser Alp Final Upgrade. A watch that would fit perfectly with his tuxedo attire, although that would be another story.

Casio G-Shock

Many military and special forces members opt for this option as an accompanying watch in the workplace. Its low cost, extreme reliability and indestructibility make it more than appropriate for hostile and action-packed environments. It also has multiple functions ranging from barometer, compass, GPS…

casio g shock
Credit to Casio

If I had to choose one, I would choose the latest model with TFT color screen and GPS. From 400€ you can count on an inseparable companion for your adventures.

Victorinox Swiss Army watch

If we already know this brand for its magnificent and recognized multipurpose knives, wait until you get to know the watches. With very contained prices and focused on offering a durable and robust product, the Swiss brand has embarked on the development of these watches that above all promise durability to the toughest treatment.

Available in multiple versions ranging from quartz to automatic mechanisms, as well as steel, titanium or even carbon cases, it is a watch that maintains a good aesthetic balance between something sporty and with a certain degree of formality. This option with steel case, quartz mechanism and 43mm.


Victorinox Swiss Army watch
Credit to Victorinox

The watch is delivered with a Peli case, as well as 2 straps, one in rubber and one in cordura and a silicone case protector. The brand has certainly not skimped on a very attractive delivery set. It is priced at 544€.


If you thought that the Speedmaster is the only space watch you are wrong and here you have the HALDA a modular watch with 2 possibilities of mechanism. One automatic and one digital. The best of both worlds with the possibility of interchanging them.

halda space
Credit to Halda

La empresa nórdica HALDA desarrolla este DISCOVERY como reloj espacialmente diseñado para los astronautas. Su caja especial permite el intercambio de 2 modulos independientes. Por un lado tenemos un reloj automático con calibre hibeat de 36.000 alternancias. Y por otro un modulo cuarzo con multitud de funciones. Todo un 2 en 1 para un agente secreto. Disponible desde 11.000€


The first time I saw it I was shocked. On the one hand a watch with a very sporty cut, bordering the design limits of brands like AP, Hublot or Panerai. Its concept of tool watch goes beyond the usual. On the one hand we have a massive looking watch that is completed by an external gadget that looks like it just came out of Q’s laboratory.

Snyper One con Valjoux 7750
Credit to Snyper

Snyper One con Valjoux 7750

The watch has a lot of presence on the wrist as they are 48mm that reach up to 53mm at some point. It has a generic Valjoux 7750 mechanism and reasonably good finishes. Among the gadgets we can find a practical lighter or a laser pointer. My imagination quickly runs wild when I think of the uses of this pointer…

snyper láser y luz
Credit to Snyper

It certainly can not be said that it is not a watch that looks like a movie even if its elegant side is conspicuous by its absence. It can be yours from €8,200 RRP.


Rolex Submariner

A return to the past, and why not? After almost 25 years with an Omega on the wrist James may want to take a break and you know… the past times were always better. The Rolex Submariner in this latest version could very well be James Bond’s watch. 

james bond rolex watch sean conery

Sean Connery sporting the first Rolex Submariner Bond

With this recent renovation in 2020 this classic on its way to 70 years of age still looks like a youngster with a thirst for adventure. Apparently the relj looks the same but there are many small and successful changes. On the one hand we find an improved caliber with an extension of the power reserve. As for its exterior, its case has grown 1 mm in diameter but the width of the lugs has been reduced. In practice it is as comfortable to wear as before. 

Rolex Submariner
Credit to Rolex

Rolex Submariner no Date 2020

It also grows by 1mm armys that is almost not appreciated. Where you can quickly see that it is the new model is to see its crown at 6 o’clock between SWISS and MADE. Clearly it is one of the watches, if not the most, versatile of all. Able to sheathe in a suit equally well whether tie or bath. From €7,700 for the non-date version. Of course, remember to call James Bond to help you get one…

  1. Breitling Aerospace

The latest version of Breitling’s professional watch could fit the part. Born as a first in the early 90’s it quickly became a modern classic. Its lightness for being made of titanium, coupled with its practicality with added functions accessed through a single crown quickly catapulted it. In Spain it was not uncommon to see King Juan Carlos or his son Felipe, the current monarch, wearing one on their wrists.

rey felipe II breitling aerospace
Credit to Elmundo.es

King Philippe II with a Breitling Aerospace

The successive evolutions of the watch have led it to be a more professional and resistant watch than its first versions. On the other hand, it has lost some curious functions such as the minute repeater. Listening with sound signals the exact time, even with electronic beeps, always has its charm and this function had the first versions. Today, however, we have a modern watch that could be hidden behind the sleeve of James Bond, as it is a watch of contained measures and extreme lightness.

breitling cockpit titanium
Credit to Breitling

In addition its functions and night light would surely give a lot in the imagination of Q. Currently you can find it with a multitude of straps as Breitling is used to, however you can also add an extra module called Cockpit to complete a multi-featured watch. From 3,980 € with titanium armys.

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