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We like to keep up to date with trends & celebrate other blogs in the mens fashion & lifestyle space.   If you are looking for some new blogs which will keep your style fresh, check out some of these blogs.


1. Restart Your Style

Sometimes the simple suggestions are the most effective and Restart Your Style offers the basics on men’s style in a step-by-step format. Even if you have never taken notice of your style before, Restart Your Style can help you avoid regrettable fashion missteps. If you are already style savvy, it never hurts to refresh yourself on the basics and Restart Your Style is the place to do it.

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2. Men’s Style Pro

Men’s Style Pro is an all-encompassing site that goes beyond editorial on men’s style and includes personal consultation, discussions on trends, basic how-to’s, and recommendations. Run by an executive stylist for GQ, Sabir M. Peele, Men’s Style Pro is also a showcase for brands to get their name in front of men who want to ramp up their style. From fashion tips to dining advice, Men’s Style Pro is chock full of information for style junkies of all levels.

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3. The Mitchelli

The Mitchelli includes modern style tips on grooming, health, tech, cars, food, and more for today’s gentlemen. The product reviews on The Mitchelli are very thorough, helpful, and easy to follow, giving practical advice on everyday items like watches, razors, and restaurants. The curator and author of The Mitchelli is Steve Mitchell, who is honest, interesting, and not afraid to share his personal life experiences.

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4. Off The Cuff

Off the Cuff combines classic style and modern life to provide objective, informative advice on menswear. Featuring exceptional brands from around the world, Off the Cuff gives thoughtful, objective advice to readers on how to develop their own timeless style. Award-winning and influential, OTC is a great resource for men who want to dress well.

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5. Modest Man


The Modest Man is a style blog for men who are 5’8” and under, a group that may find it challenging to adapt to certain trends and fashions. Readers will appreciate the knowledge Brock has to offer on tailoring, looking your best, and how to have confidence no matter your stature. Learn how to avoid the dreaded ‘tailor tax’ with clothing hacks that will transform your wardrobe and your style.

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6. Well Spent

Not just about being frugal, Well Spent is a blog for men who want to source responsibly produced fashion and style options. Well Spent featured products are vetted for their low impact on the environment and social responsibility. Founded in 2012 by independent brand specialist Brad Bennett, Well Spent still counts on him as editor-in-chief.

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7. Sharpoligist

Because you can’t be well dressed if you aren’t well groomed, Sharpologist is a blog that features information, product showcases and reviews, and general instructions on shaving, grooming, and looking good. Based on the founder’s YouTube instructional shaving videos, Sharpologist evolved into a shaving and grooming community. Lather up and log in for a wet shave tutorial and some other interesting topics too.

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8. Ask Andy About Clothes

Self-professed “world’s most popular” website about men’s clothing advice, Ask Andy About Clothes includes style advice from the most basic on up to the difference between lamb’s wool and virgin wool. Everything you ever wanted to know about clothes but were afraid to ask is included – but don’t be afraid to ask. Andy’s Answers section is one of the most charming features on Ask Andy About Clothes and includes private email questions and answers from regular guys like you.

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9. Mantelligence


Mantelligence sprang from creator Kyle Boureston’s craving for intelligent content for men that he couldn’t find online. Mantelligence offers easy to understand, actionable, in-depth content to help men become more intelligent and, well, better men. Read about hacks to improve your memory, the signs that she’s into you, and how to define your personal values, just to get started on Mantelligence.

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10. Parisian Gentlemen

Appealing to readers around the world, Parisian Gentleman was founded in Paris in 2009 and has dedicated itself to classical, elegant, tailored men’s style. The multi-lingual Parisian Gentleman site features the PG Journal, with news and editorial, the PG Academy, an educational collection, and PG Guide of Quality Houses, with iconic products curated just for Parisian Gentlemen devotees.

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11. Permanent Style


The largest UK website devoted to classic, luxury menswear, Permanent Style offers intelligent advice on clothing, shoes, brands, and more. Simon Crompton, a men’s style expert who offers in-depth analysis and straightforward reports, founded Permanent Style. Look to the Wardrobe Building section of the site where you can find capsule collections on business suits, shoes, shirts, and other on-trend topics.

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12. Royal Fashionist


Look no further than Royal Fashionist for the hot news on fashion, technology, lifestyle, travel, fitness, and all things regal and royal. If you are the trendy one in your group, Royal Fashionist will serve you all you need to know on the latest and greatest. Perfect if you are a modern gentleman – or wish to be.

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13. Claymoor’s List


Founded by shoe aficionado Mircea Cioponea, Claymoor’s List has evolved from footwear advice to articles and blogs on menswear, but always with a focus on shoes. Claymoor’s List features interviews with other shoe enthusiasts as well as manufacturers and designers offering inspirational footwear advice. You’ll also find reviews, historical information in the shoe museum, and fascinating photos of iconic footwear like Sinatra’s Stage Boots.

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14. Mens Style Fashion

Exploding with useful information on fashion, style, and grooming, Men Style Fashion also offers information on cars, tech, travel, food, wellness and more. From updating your wardrobe to sourcing a camshaft, you will find it all on Men Style Fashion. Look for the Male Style Icons page for some pictorial inspiration, and find some candid thoughts on the Opinions page.

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15. Fearless Men

Fearless Men is more than a fashion and style blog, it is an all-around self-improvement site. Featuring tips on finances, confidence, relationships, fitness, and even faith and religion, Fearless Men is a one-stop shop for improvement-seekers serious about becoming a better man. Check out the Injury Recovery page for some great tips on getting your exercise mojo back after a sports injury.

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16. The Urban Gent


The Urban Gentleman is a fashion-forward men’s blog with nitty-gritty tips on style, grooming, health, and fitness, plus information on looking and feeling your best. The Urban Gentleman offers answers to questions such as, “Can Men Wear Sandals?” while offering practical advice on how to tie a tie, fold a pocket square, and other basic style tips. The Urban Gentleman is great for staying informed on the latest styles and trends, including jewelry, watches and other accessories.

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17. Ape To Gentleman


We are totally on board with any men’s fashion and style blog with a special page dedicated to watches! Ape to Gentleman is the on-trend blog serving tips on style, grooming, cars, beverages, and more in a chic, friendly format. Journey through the Ape to Gentleman Ten Commandments of Menswear and be enlightened in the best way possible.

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18. Under Shirt Guy


When you’re unsure about fashion, why not start with the inside and work out? The Undershirt Guy covers fashion and style from A to Z, with special pages for men’s shapewear, sweat management, product reviews, and much more. Join the five-day online Leading with Style Summit and set some style goals for yourself.

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19. Mens Wear Style

Menswear Style includes tips on how to achieve iconic looks in streetwear, minimalist, and the latest fashion trends no matter what they are. With interesting articles and debates on smartwatches vs. traditional watches, limited releases on fashion, and new label launches, guys who know fashion flock to Menswear Style. Try the Personal Shopper application on the website and see where they take your style.

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20. Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog that touches on all the hot topics of interest to today’s on-trend man. A bonus section with Blogging Tips is totally extra and can inspire budding fashion writers to share their own experiences with the world. For mere mortals, check out the & Friends page for in-depth, expert advice from some of fashion’s biggest influencers.

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21. Jordan Bunker


Jordan Bunker is a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blog is written and curated by, you guessed it, Jordan Bunker. Jordan is a freelance writer and photographer who has immersed himself in men’s fashion and style. He also happens to love coffee and a relaxed lifestyle, so come on in and enjoy what he has to offer and be encouraged to develop your own personal style.

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22. The LDN Diaries


The LDN Diaries is a men’s lifestyle blog based in and focused on the London lifestyle, with the latest fashion trends, food finds, and travel tips. Need to find the best barber in London? Danny has you covered, plus information on technology and gadgets, restaurants, cocktails, and other guy-focused stuff you can’t live without.

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23. Sam Squire


Sam Squire covers men’s fashion, style, car reviews, travel, music, and more from an in-the-know confessed cool kid from the UK. Look for Sam’s advice on watches, denim, backpacks and more. With a smart European flair, Sam Squire is a great read that just might have an influence on your fashion.

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24. DC Fashion Fool


Straight from Washington DC comes DC Fashion Fool, but fool in the nicest sense of the word. Obsessed with men’s fashion and style, DC Fashion Fool has fun along with providing good advice, taking the fear out of fashion. If you want to look great while enjoying life, DC Fashion Fool is the place for you.

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25. Fashitects


Another London-based men’s fashion and style blog, Fashitects is a well-traveled blog by Toni Tran, a professional photographer, and writer. The photos on this website are amazing, featuring fashion as well as the architecture and surroundings in Toni’s travels. For some amazing shots, see the MINI John Cooper Works at Brands Hatch collection from the Cars page, or peep the amazing shots from London Fashion Week.

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26. The Male Stylist


The Male Stylist, or TMS, was named one of 8 Male Beauty Bloggers to Watch by Yahoo! Beauty for a good reason – the overwhelming passion for fashion that shines from every page. Authored by Adam Walker, The Male Stylist was created to educate men on stepping up their wardrobes and grooming routines. Look for snappy product reviews, wise style advice, and useful ideas and tips on everyday living from a passionate expert.

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27. Buckets and Spades


UK Blogger Matthew Spade shares his unique creative ideas on menswear, style, and life in general through Buckets and Spades. Spot-on images and content will inspire you to look at your own life and appreciate your personal style through Mat’s visual diary. Get stuck into Mat’s outfits for all occasions, locations, and moods – the ultimate style guide from a guy on the go.

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28. Trend Style


Trend Style is a blog by Saul Rasco that features an all-American perspective on men’s fashion, style, fitness, gadgets, travel, and more. Sal is a modern guy, a Texas transplant loving LA and NYC, and he has a lot to say about lifestyle and fashion for men. Check out his OOTD – Outfit of the Day – and see if you can hang with Saul.

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29. Isaac Likes


Though the blog is temporarily under re-design, Isaac Likes lives on in Instagram. Check out his daily style posts and look for his own swag and music mix tapes right on the site. Isaac has some impressive credentials, sponsors, and clients, so take note and don’t miss out on what Isaac Likes.

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30. Brand Alley


A great place to shop for top name brands, Brand Alley is a non-stop sale on menswear from iconic designer labels. Members can enjoy up to 80% off retail prices, but have to act fast as sales typically last only one week. The wait times may be longer, but the savings are worth it, and those in a hurry have the option of shopping on the Outlet pages.

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31. Grey Fox Blog


Don’t let the name fool you – Gray Fox is ready by men and women of all ages, but the main target is men forty and over. Featuring British-made menswear, Gray Fox inspires men of a certain generation to look their best with the latest tips on style, grooming, accessories, and more. Check out the Watches page for style tips featuring new and vintage watches.

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32. Slaters Menswear


Slaters Menswear presents this menswear journal known as Manthropology that features fashion trends based on their own brand. Since Slaters Menswear is one of the leading brands in suits, formal wear, and men’s shoes, this blog is especially useful for occasion fashion advice and tips. You can also find advice on writing wedding vows, getting in shape, entertainment, travel, and more.

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33. Steve Booker


Steve Booker is a travel writer and photographer who happens to have great style, which he shares online. Look for Steve’s advice on sustainable fashion, seasonal trends, and brand highlights. The Steve Booker blog also features playlists, travel tips, and fantastic, inspiring photos.

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34. The Gentleman Blogger

Created by Matthew Zorpas, twice named Best Dressed by Esquire and GQ respectively, The Gentleman Blogger is a highly styled men’s fashion and style blog focused on fashion, style, and grooming. Learn about layered looks, the perfect facial hair for your lifestyle, and exciting travel destinations all in one blog. Join Matthew as he explores NYC, shops Selfridges, and offers up savvy London travel tips.

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35. Kish



Explore the latest runway looks on Kish, which may just be the blog’s own brand. Created by Canadian fashion model Kish Raveendran, Kish is a fashion-forward haven for men around the world who want to set themselves apart. Check out Kish’s own product and style reviews and tips and prepare to up your fashion game.

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36. Marc Wallace

Cutting-edge creative director and designer Marc Wallace’s blog pushes the boundaries of menswear through tailored collections and elegant craftsmanship. Grooms-to-be take note; Marc Wallace will open up your wedding day style options with just one peek at the blog. Hop over to the Whistle & Flute Magazine Blog linked with this one for even more ideas.

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37. Scout Sixteen


Scout Sixteen is Justin Livingston, the Mississippi-born NYC transplant ready to share his fashion and style tips along with food, travel, and cocktail inspiration. Easy and fun to read, you’ll feel like you are friends with Justin through his friendly, neutral-centric closet advice and fun-loving spirit. Denim-on-denim? Oh, yes he can!

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38. Last Style Of Defense


Last Style of Defense boasts over four-million readers and is one of the most influential menswear blogs in the UK and the world. Featuring stories on London Fashion Week, how to dress for the airport, and features on the latest fashion releases, Last Style of Defense doesn’t stray far from the topic of men’s fashion.

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39. Your Average Guy Style 


Adam York is the author of Your Average Guy men’s fashion blog, which covers the latest menswear brands plus shoes, watches, and more. The clue is in the name of this blog, as the advice is for the average guy who wants to feel good in clothes that are easy to buy and wear. Adam’s passion for fashion shines through, with wise advice on fit and styling that is easy to follow.

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40. The Coolector


More than a blog about menswear, The Coolector is a lifestyle magazine for men covering other meanly interests like travel, tech, gear, and design. The Coolector writes about the latest, greatest products that will have you surrendering your hard-earned cash on a regular basis.

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41. Mankind


The Mankind blog brings the department store counter experience to their readers, offering grooming solutions and advice to help identify needs and answer questions and concerns. Offering hundreds of men’s grooming products for sale right on the site, Mankind also features Masterclass pages and vetted customer reviews. The blog includes gift advice, trend spotting, and product reviews.

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42. Mainline Menswear

Mainline Menswear offers shopping, how-to guides, lifestyle trends, interviews with style icons, and staff picks in addition to their own store. Featuring top brands, Mainline Menswear not only guides you on your personal style, it enables you to create a wardrobe quickly and easily in the same place. Read about the worst style mistakes making you look older as well as positive advice on how to pack for summer holidays.

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43. Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman is a YouTube influencer and video blogger with his own impeccable sense of style that translates to great style advice for his readers. GQ.com has voted Jim number one in their annual Best Dressed List, so you know the style advice will be on point. Jim’s Outfits pages almost steal the show from his videos, but do not miss his Test Pilot advice on the Writing page.

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44. Man For Himself

With separate sections on style, lifestyle, and grooming, Man for Himself includes information and advice on everything from how to stop greasy hair to the latest footwear collection. Man for Himself is curated and written by Robin James, a London-based Scot with an eye for fashion and grooming. Check out his twice-weekly hair tutorials and product reviews on YouTube.

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 45. Street Gentry 

Defining itself as a men’s lifestyle Blog, Street Gentry features advice and information from three points of view – the Rural Gent, the Gent on the Street, and the Quintessential Gent. With articles on motoring, technology, lifestyle, and fashion, Street Gentry offers interesting information for a wide variety of gentlemen with a wide variety of interests. Check out the Prince Charles style post or, if you’re thirsty, the chocolate cocktail inspiration.

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46.  Clothes Make The Man 

Modern men will find that Clothes Make the Man can offer loads of information on just about every subject, including what to buy your mother for a gift. With style cues for ordinary men, Clothes Make the Man gives friendly, easy guidance on fashion and more. Readers can enjoy hearing about the latest releases from the big fashion brands as well as bespoke trends everyone will be wearing this season. 

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 47.  Eldred Grove

Creative style guru Craig is the man behind Eldred Grove, a men’s lifestyle and fashion blog named after his grandfather. Featuring wise style advice as well as lifestyle inspiration for men, look for product reviews on watches, cures for baldness, and gift guides. The article on scalp micropigmentation is interesting and illuminating.

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48. Fresh & Fearless


Fresh and Fearless, like so many other blogs with a male focus, is the product of a man with a passion for fashion. Fresh and Fearless features advice on luxury travel, dining, fashion, grooming, and brand recommendations. Featuring style lookbooks, advice on how to wear jewelry in a fashionable way, and an obsession for all things Tommy, Fresh and Fearless is great for younger readers and those young at heart.

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49. Joey London 

 Rolling culture, art, and fashion into one, Joey London also manages to inform readers on travel, culture, and other cool, creative topics. From sunglasses to those shaving clubs trying to get your attention, expect down-to-earth advice and reviews from Joey London. Since the blog is based in the UK, expect seasonal style advice along with what to wear during festival season and on European adventures.

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 50. Boy Meets Fashion


When Boy Meets Fashion, anything can happen – and often does! This blog is fashion-focused and never disappoints, with tons of street style inspiration as well as high-end looks right from the catwalk. If you’re into having a sneak peak at new brand looks, this is the blog for you.

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51.  QMike blog 

Join Mike for a trip down London’s Regent Street, or as he shops for Panerai watches and be prepared to become engrossed in the QMike blog. Featuring a portfolio of outfits, travel inspiration, and lifestyle information, QMike gives an intimate look at London life through the eyes of a young, fashionable guy.

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52. The Everyday Man


Regular dudes unite! The Everyday Man offers interesting articles and tips on music, grooming, health, fitness, cars, art, culture – and of course fashion. Excellent posts like how to style a football shirt will keep you coming back for more advice from The Everyday Man. The helpful whiskey reviews are also a plus.

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53.  Effortless Gent

 The Effortless Gent makes getting good advice, well, effortless! Use the Start Here link and be on your way to building a minimalist wardrobe that any man would be proud to own. Dive into the articles about business attire, smart casual menswear, and check out the useful style tips section. There is even a free eGuide that speaks to any age, budget, or lifestyle.

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54.  I Am Alpha M 

Aaron Marino has created I Am Alpha M as an extension of his successful image consulting firm. Offering common sense advice on image enhancement, tips and tricks to pump up style, grooming, and fashion lead to increased self-confidence. The thousands of men who Aaron has advised over the years will agree, this blog will help you look better, feel better, and even get the girl. 

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55. Articles of Style


Articles of Style was founded by America’s Best Dressed Man, Dan Trepanier, to make fashion more relatable to regular men. Unable to discover the perfect brand, Dan evolved his fashion blog into a full-service destination online for men to gain fashion knowledge and buy quality garments from a style expert. Articles of Style boasts custom fittings and tailoring on made-in-America menswear.

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56. Permanent Style


Welcome to Permanent Style, the UK’s leading authority on classic menswear with a luxury twist, according to the blog description. Simon Crompton’s authoritative guides on quality, suiting, tailoring, and shopping will blow your mind. Check out the brands and categories for more style inspiration.

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57. Masculine Style blog

 Tanner Guzy has created the Masculine Style blog based on his Three Archetypes of Masculine Style – Rugged, Refined, or Rakish. Identifying which style archetype you are through the handy quiz on Masculine Style leads you down the path of better fashion. Find out which archetype you are – most men are a blend, are you?

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58. He Spoke Style


He Spoke Style blends style inspiration with information, providing practical advice in an approachable, honest way that most men will find very relatable for their daily lives. He Spoke Style includes grooming, travel, and lifestyle advice as well. Contributions come from the US and Europe, so a wider point of view is available on He Spoke Style than some single-contributor sites.

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59. George Hahn


With a realistic budget in mind, George Hahn encourages men to develop their personal style. Style is separate from fashion and, according to George Hahn himself, is not something you can buy. George Hahn goes beyond the advice that most men’s style blogs give to provide down-to-earth inspiration.

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60. Street Etiquette

 Style from an urban perspective, Street Etiquette is the epitome of cool in blog form. Visit the Mood Board and prepared to be inspired by the unique, fresh, edgy looks Josh and Travis have created. The Audio category combines music and fashion in a sonic way.

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61.  The Shoe Snob


There is nothing to set an outfit off like a unique pair of shoes, and The Shoe Snob takes that thought and runs with it. There is a buy and sell area, shopping, advice on shoe care, and personal style advice from Justin Fitzpatrick, the brains behind the footwear. Need to know how to polish your shoes the right way? Look no further than The Shoe Snob Blog.

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62. Anatomic & Co


From classic cool wing tips to weekend loafers to wear down to the pub, Anatomic & Co is the shoe blog that gets your footwear wardrobe together. Shop by shoe type for the best seller in each category and trust that you are getting British style and Brazilian quality footwear. Alert for grooms – there is a special wedding section just for you.

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63. Stridewise

What makes one pair of boots different from another? What’s the story behind them? I don’t just want to know what they’re made from, I want to know what made them. After many years and endless new pairs later, Nick still couldn’t find the kind of content that wanted to read. That’s why he made Stridewise. Boys buy cheap and men invest in quality. This site is focused on the item of clothing that separates the two.

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