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Ball Diver Engineer Master II DM3020A-SA-BK watch 2020 very good front


Engineer Master II


Very good | 2020
3-9 days
Ball Black Engineer Hydrocarbon DM2176A-P1CAJ-BK watch  very good front


Engineer Hydrocarbon


Very good   

Last sale price: $1,300

BALL Watches – Superiority in the Face of all Adversity

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1891, innovation and creativity were the foundations on which the BALL Watch Company was created, with the intention of meeting this need precisely – so precisely that Webb/ Ball set up the “RR (Rail Road) Standard” which ensured high accuracy for railroad employees. Today, BALL Watches are one of the most respected watch manufacturers in the US and still hold true to their founding mission, “Accuracy under Adverse Conditions”.

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BALL in the 21st Century

Evolving tastes and technology lead to changes in design and function; this principle applies to the watch industry. In keeping with their ambition to be the most accurate mechanical watch in the world, BALL is the home of many patented innovations such as the ³H micro gas tubes which allow visibility in the dark, a crown protection system against water and shock, and the Slide Chronograph.

Today’s BALL watches are more rugged in appearance as compared to their earlier counterparts, bearing in mind the increased intensity and adversity in which they function. Nevertheless, they retain the underlying simplicity in design and function as laid down by the founder in the beginning; this is visible in the watch dial, which still faithfully represents the guidelines of the standard railway watch, which includes the style of the numbers and the shape of the watch hands.

BALL Watches are available in seven collections; all named highlighting their historic role with the railroads – the Official Railroad Watch, Engineer II, Engineer Master II, Engineer Hydrocarbon, Trainmaster, Conductor, and Fireman. All of these watches with their various complications are powered by automatic Swiss-made mechanical movements, many of which come with BALL in-house modification. Two movements however, caliber RR2101 and RR2701 are manual movements.

Invest in a Pre-Owned BALL Watch

Luxury watches despite their hardy nature, BALL watches are the perfect match for those who value simple, elegant ruggedness. Such excellence is priced accordingly, especially in a brand new watch; which makes the pre-owned market for BALL watches the perfect destination for die-hard fans that are hunting for their dream watch at a more affordable rate. After all, when you’re a rugged man, you need a BALL watch!